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Hanukkah Traditions and Miracles


Hanukkah Traditions and Miracles

You Have a Miracle Today – What Will You Do With It?

Greetings & Blessings,

As I write this on Saturday night, it is the eighth and last night of Hanukkah.
One of the Hanukkah traditions is that the final day of
Hanukkah is called Zos Hanukkah,
“This is
Hanukkah.” It is only on the final day of Hanukkah
when all eight days and lights have been actualized and lit –
that we say: “This is

Why is the eighth day of Hanukkah so significant?

The state of the world is one of darkness
and that darkness affects us.
In our world, potential is not enough;
we must have actual deeds to effect a change.
When our potential is actualized –
from our thoughts into deeds –
that is when we can point to what we did
and say, “Zos – This is what I did.”

“This is

Hanukkah Traditions

Hanukkah menorahs are traditionally lit with
olive oil in small vessels and wicks.
When the olive is squeezed, the oil,
the essence comes out.
The pressures of life squeeze our souls

until the essence comes out.

We are such small vessels.
Our tests are so hard.
The darkness in the world seems so great.
With the oil of our effort
and the light of our faith,
G-d will surely take us out of the great darkness of this exile.

You are a menorah.
Shine your light wherever you go
And light up others with it.

Another of our Hanukkah traditions is that the candle that we use
to light the menorah is called the shamash, the servant.
You are like the shamash candle,
lighting up others in your little corner of the world
with your smile, your faith, and your good deeds.

The little kindnesses we do
light up so much darkness!

You just do your part
and G-d will help.
You WILL see miracles!

You Have a Miracle Today
What Will You Do With It?

Tell us in the comments below!


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Chanukah-Hanukkah-Traditions and Miracles

Inspirational Quotes

May we be blessed with the strength to do what our soul longs to do!

Lighting candles is the main way we thank Hashem.
When you thank Hashem, the path of life becomes easier to walk.
When you thank Hashem, you grow in wisdom and you grow closer to G-d.

Think good and it will be good.

Of all of the Hanukkah traditions, the one we all think of is lighting the menorah.
The main mitzvah of Chanukah is not lighting candles.
The main mitzvah of Chanukah is: One big thank you to Hashem!
Praising and thanking  Hashem is the purpose of lighting the Chanukah lights.

Every moment of our lives is a gift that G-d has granted us.

When you gaze at the Chanukah lights, contemplate all of the miracles in your life,
every day of your life, and thank G-d for each and every one of your miracles, large and small.

Warmth and enthusiasm

The Chanukah menorah lets light into our souls.
This is the essence of Judaism and of Chanukah.

Through the light of Chanukah we can reach the level that is beyond reason.

Expand who you think you are.

What type of vessel are you?
Chanukah is about a small vessel becoming greater than anyone ever expected.
We all have the capacity to be much greater than anyone ever expected.

Without the darkness, we would never have seen such a great light.


This Month’s Soul Tip

The month of Kislev is known as the month of light.
Isn’t that funny? It’s the darkest month of the year!
Because the Chanukah miracle took place on the 25th of Kislev,
Kislev is especially connected to the unique virtues and
qualities of light, which illuminate the deepest forces of darkness.
That is why it is customary to place the Chanukah Menorah
in the window or at the entrance to the house,
to symbolize the inner light that is meant to illuminate
the darkness outside, until it shines, as well.

On Hanukkah we celebrate that the one cruse
of pure and undefiled oil miraculously remained.
Our inner core remains just as pure and holy
as it was when it was first placed within us.
No matter what darkness each of us has experienced in our lives,
great miracles can still happen, as our potential emerges,
and we can illuminate the lives of others by sharing
the wisdom we gained from our experience.


Here’s your
Soul Adventure for today:

We are so much greater than we dare to think we are!
What greatness do you think you could expand into?

What does your soul long to do?
If you had a miracle today,
how could you show up in a bigger way in your life?
What small step could you take to grow into this expansion
of the light you shine in the world?

On a piece of paper, draw a jar of oil with a label on it.
On the label, write Miracle for ______
Fill in the blank for the miracle you want today.
Under the jar, write one small thing you could do
to bring this miracle into your life today. 


May you use the flame that is burning within you,
your wisdom and your passion,
to illuminate your life and the lives of others
with your good deeds and acts of kindness.


May you be blessed with success and only good things!
Rae Shagalov
Master Calligrapher,

Author of: “What’s a Soul Like You Doing in a World Like This?”
Are you really clear about what you’re doing?
Create your own G-d centered personal development plan.


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