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Awareness of G-d


Is there an area of your life
that can be illuminated with
awareness of G-d?

Jewish Art Awareness of G-d

The Awareness of G-d
has to permeate everything we do,

not just our brief moments of prayer.

A beautiful Jewish meditation, one of my favorites,
is to choose a certain period of time –
five minutes, twenty minutes, an hour…
and contemplate the presence of G-d
in everything you come in contact with.

Psalm 65 contains the most amazing meditation
to help you do this.
Verse 10 says:

“You remember the earth and water it,
You enrich it abundantly from G-d’s stream
that is filled with water.”

Note that this beautiful verse does not say,
“the stream of water that is filled with G-d,”
as we would normally think of it. It says:

“G-d’s stream that is filled with water.”

Your Soul Adventure For Today

Awareness of G-d Meditation

So as you go through your ordinary day,
contemplate the “Stream of G-d” that is filled with computer,
and the Stream of G-d that is filled with kitchen sink,
and the Stream of G-d that is filled with traffic,
and the Stream of G-d that is filled with each person you meet,
and the Stream of G-d that is filled with YOU.

What area of your life
can be more illuminated with
greater awareness of G-d?

Please share your experiences with this meditation
in the comment section below.

This Jewish art and calligraphy is from a Yud Shvat farbrengen
with Mrs. Leah Levine of Agoura Hills and Mrs. Esther Friedman of Kansas.

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